Rules and Regs

Please keep in mind that IQ (especially Peter) have a wonderful understanding that live recordings keep a band alive in the eyes of their fans and even attract new ones...... it was Peter Nicholls himself who suggested the name for the group.

They have approved this group with the understanding that it is not to be considered official in any way.

Please read the following:

- Any recording in CU is sent to Peter/IQ for approval and for their own archive of their performances.

- All shows (both existing and for launch in the future) are approved by Peter Nicholls. We have fantastic support from the band and there are very few 'NOs' - however it is Peter's right (of course) to disallow and for that reason only CU moderators are permitted to add shows.

- We have a small list of banned shows. Anything officially released (CDs, live CDs, DVDs etc.) is of course banned from here. This should be obvious but we of course want you to continue buying official products! This includes any bootleg/audio/video copies of any officially released material : i.e. we do not list audience copies of an officially released gig.

- Do not publish shows downloaded from here onto other download sites (example, but not limited to, DimeaDozen)

- The Collected Underground Online facility involves your subscribed email address being available to other members

- Membership is free but is subject to approval by the moderator

- The moderator and the Band have absolute final say on what is and is not allowed to be added to CUOnline

- Although approved and involving Peter and the band, the group is in no way affiliated with the Official IQ Website or with any of the record labels. Please continue buying from IQ/GEP etc.

- By joining CU, you accept these regulations and also accept that the moderators have the right to refuse and/or cancel membership at their discretion.