Leatherwhite Lilith
Herringthorpe Leisure Centre
13 May 1994

Approx time: 105 mins.
Super-fantastico artwork by RH Productions
Recording contributed by PN the Man!


The Wake - 4:06
Wurensh - 10:50
Fascination - 6:39
No Love Lost - 6:59
Common Ground - 8:34
The Darkest Hour - 10:55
The Last Human Gateway  (middle section) - 3:44


Apathetic and Here I (Geoff Mann) - 8:38
Widow's Peak - 10:43
Leap of Faith - 7:31
Human Nature - 10:33
Out of Nowhere - 5:42
Lillywhite Lilith (Genesis) - 3:13
Material Girl (Madonna) - 3:53 


"If we could pick one word to describe the year 1994 for IQ,
then that word would undoubtedly be 'groundbreaking'. Building
on the unprecedented success their latest album, "Ever", the
band's music was now about to to reach new corners of the
world, places that could only be dreamed of only a few years
before. For the first time ever, IQ would cross the Atlantic for
their first concert on North American soil in San Jose,
California. This amazing concert, along with a KOME-FM radio
interview with Martin Orford, Mike Holmes and John Jowitt
clearly helped to promote the IQ name across the western
continent as never before.

In addition to this, IQ CDs and cassettes were beginning to be
released in foreign countries such as Germany, Poland and
Japan, proving that the band's appeal was spreading fast, and
way beyond the frontiers of the UK.  The band only played live
ten times in 1994, but each performance was better than the last 
and the fans could now clearly see and hear that the return to 
the fold of lead singer Peter Nicholls had opened a new and 
exciting era in the band's career. Those who held the past so 
dear were about to find out that IQ's best years lay ahead.

The concert which we now bring you was recorded quite early
in 1994, and it holds a few surprises and rarities.  As they had
done from the start of the IQ voyage in 1981, the band still
enjoyed playing a few covers as encores to keep the act fresh and
to inject a certain element of surprise into each concert. That
night in Rotherham, IQ went all out by including the songs
"Lilywhite Lilith" by Genesis and Madonna's "Material Girl".
Peter Nicholls once told me that, even though each member of
the band were Genesis fans, he thought they never did
as nice a job on this particular number as they could have.
Here's what he had to say about it: "We just thought it would
be a big surprise to everyone if we played 'Lilywhite Lilith'- 
we'd never done it before (or since). We weren't trying to prove
anything, it was done with our tongues firmly in our cheeks and
in fact it was played pretty badly, as it turned out. We really didn't
spend long rehearsing it - we probably should have but, on the
night, it was just a bit of fun."  Well-played or not, it still is quite
nice to be able to present this one to you here, simply because
it was the only time they ever did it.

In addition to these quite original encores, this set holds
another piece of IQ history as it contains the first - and only -
live interpretation of Geoff Mann's "Apathetic and Here, I...",
a song that IQ had gracefully accepted to cover for the tribute
album "Mannerisms - A Celebration of the Music of Geoff
Mann", released early in 1994 and dedicated to the memory
of their much missed long-time friend who had passed away
the year before. We hope that you will enjoy these rarities,
as well as all the great IQ music that surrounds them, of course.

RH, 2006"

This recording was supplied by PN himself with the intentions of
sharing it with the members of Collected Underground. I

Thanks, as always, to PN for his generosity

Feb. 2006