Benefit for Ledge, The Royal Standard, Walthamstow
25th January 1992
Audience Recording

1 CD :
1. Wiggle
2. Watcher of the Skies
3. The Thousand Days
4. Kevin from Mars
5. Human Nature
6. No Love Lost
7. Widow’s Peak
8. The Last Human Gateway (middle section)
9. Ace of Spades
10. Material Girl
11. Sweet Transvestite
12. Intelligence Quotient / The Cinema Show / Robbery, Assault and Battery / The Musical Box (end section)
13. White Punks on Dope

"IQ: Benefit For Ledge 
The Royal Standard, Walthamstow: 25th January 1992
When Les 'Ledge' Marshall died in 1990, it came as an enormous shock to all of us who knew and loved him. This concert was organised ostensibly to raise money to buy a headstone for him but I think, more importantly, it was a way for everyone to be together, to remember him and to celebrate the short life of this talented, funny, unique man. Four bands, all of which Ledge had been a member, performed that night: Cake Air Basket, Jadis, the Rode Krue and IQ.
We had lots of the usual problems with equipment, notably Mike’s guitar, which led to us having to kick off our set with the unlikely 'Wiggle' rather than the dramatic and imposing Genesis track 'Watcher Of The Skies' which followed it (and which I managed to screw up by missing my opening cue. D'oh!). We made plenty of mistakes. Well, OK, I made plenty of mistakes. Mike who, of all of us, was probably closest to Ledge, was brilliant throughout. Not content with playing with IQ, he had also handled the guitar duties for the Rode Krue before we played our set.
There were several highlights: our radical rearrangement of 'No Love Lost', Martin's startling vocal performance in 'Ace Of Spades', the impromptu and completely unrehearsed 'Sweet Transvestite' which John had never played in his life, the mighty 'Intelligence Quotient / Genesis medley' featuring Cookie at his best, and a packed stage for the finale of 'White Punks On Dope'. I remember one especially poignant moment during 'The Last Human Gateway (middle section)' when the lyric 'Never growing old' suddenly felt tragically appropriate. 
The crowd were raucous, chatty and wildly enthusiastic. Ledge would have loved this gig, it would have been just his thing. If you were there, I hope this recording brings back some happy memories of a great night and a very special friend." 
Peter Nicholls, May 2010