"Nuns In Search Of Fun!"
Marquee, London
Audience Recording
31st December 1984

CD1 - 50'41"
1.   Intro (Bing Crosby) - 2'47"
2.   Widows Peak - 9'57"
3.   Magic Roundbout - 8'59"
4.   Through The Corridors (Oh Shit Me) - 4'00"
5.   Hollow Afternoon - 5'59"
6.   The Last Human Gateway * - 18'56"

CD2 - 34'38"
1.   The Thousand Days - 4'36"
2.   It All Stops Here - 8'19"
3.   Wiggle - 2'22"
4.   Awake and Nervous - 4'54"
5.   The Enemy Smacks - 14'27"

CD3 - 77'45"
1.   Intro / Relax - 6'09"
2.   Suffragette City - 3'48"
3.   Hey Hey My My - 5'46"
4.   Open Your Heart - 5'00"
5.   Schools Out - 3'37"
6.   For Christs Sake (incl Genesis Medley) ** - 8'18"
7.   Cookability ** - 1'54"
8.   God Save The Queen - 3'32"
9.   Glen Miller Medley - 5'30"
10. Sweet Transvestite - 4'56"
11. Ace of Spades - 2'51"
12. Barbell Is In - 7'01"
13. White Punks On Dope - 5'20"
14. Stomach of Animal - 5'01"
15. Auld Land Syne - 1'21"
16. New Years Day - 7'41"

* with mid track edit (but no filler :-( )due to tape flip
** with edit (using filler from another source) due to tape flip


This is a direct transfer from 20 year old master recording on a good old TDK AD90+60, using a Sony Recording Walkman and seperate Stereo mic. The transfer was from tape deck (Aiwa AD-F800) to Audio CD recorder, then EAC to WAV to FLAC.

There is audible tape hiss throughout but it's not too prominant.

An exceptional gig - and one for the annuls of IQ history.

Following a tremendous year of support at the London venue, Bush (Marquee Management) invited the boys to be the hosts of the New Years Eve party 84/5, which was quickly accepted!

A true party was had, with 2 sets being played,  the first being a selection of the current IQ material, followed later by a second set made up predominantly of the covers played during the year.

To celebrate the special gig IQ recorded and gave away, to everyone attending, a free one sided single of the track "Hollow Afternoon" which they performed for the first and last time in the first set. Only about 400 were ever pressed (This formerly extremely rare recording was however subsequently made available on the "Seven Stories into 98" CD). 
They also produced a special T shirt for the night, branded "I Was A Nun In Search Of Fun" - Mike wore a habit for the second set!!

Another oddity was that the boys segued A+N with the Enemy to close the first set!

As well as the "normal" covers there was the addition of a very manic Ace Of Spades sung by Martin!, which gave Pete the time to squeeze out of the basque and other underwear he'd (not quite) fitted into for Sweet Transvestite! The boy even dug out "For Christs Sake" from the locker and included the Genesis Medley at the end! 

It was a very special night for me too as I proposed to my wife at midnight - how sweet!! I got a huge hickey from Mike when he found out!!

Captain Ransid
December 2004